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Moline, IL is on the banks of Mississippi river in Illinois and is the border city connecting to Bettendorf in Iowa. Moline is the famous of the Quad Cities and is home to the world famous agricultural equipment manufacturer, John Deere. Moline is the second home for many entrepreneurs and businessmen who settled here to expand their ventures. Originally called the Mill City due to the mills in the area, Moline is now buzzing with economic and tourist activities year round.


Moline was formed in 1848 and the city is home to the people from various countries and ethnicities. Moline is surrounded by the Rock River and the Mississippi river which offer water related activities for the local people. Rock Island Arsenal is also a famous military facility which can be accessed via Moline. Kone is one of the major employers in Moline. Moline is known for its welcoming nature and helping culture. Moline schools and colleges are encouraging science and technology for local students to keep up with the changing needs.

Moline offers economic incentives for new and expanding businesses. Moline housing comprise traditional homes with more single family and apartment buildings. Moline has buildings that are more than 50 years old and many new construction projects are also on the rise. Commercial roofing is also a big opportunity for roofers in the area. The local property owners are likely to hire someone with referrals or known resource. The city is tough in inspections and building codes which the roofing companies must be familiar with. Due to the large number of residential units, steep slope roofs are popular roofs in Moline. Roof repairs, metal roofs, PVC roofs, and industrial flat roofs are common as well for large shopping complexes.

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Moline Roofing is a continuous opportunity for roofers due to the large number of residential properties available in the area. Houses that are older than 100 years can be found in Moline and fifty year old houses are always in need of renovation or improvements. Roofing improvement is a constant need in the area as Moline is prone to storms through out the year. The proximity of the rivers make the area prone to floods as well.

Moline Roofing inspections must be done twice a year. After every winter and after every storm, the roofs need to be inspected by an expert. Roofing contractors can inspect the roofs and give a detailed report of the improvements required. Aerial pictures of a property can readily let the homeowners know the repairs needed on their roofs. The pictures and measurements generated by the software programs are now the basis for ordering material and labor for a roofing project. By the use of the aerial reports, the danger and risks involved with manual estimations are eliminated. However, if a roofer is performing an inspection manually, they may offer to fix any minor repairs with no extra charge. If any major parts or shingles are required, the roofing inspectors may bill you more as more efforts are required.

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Roofing services such as the roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement may be suggested based on the condition of a property. Roof is a major element of a house that undergoes through the extreme wind, rain, storm, hail, animals, and so on. A roof must be robust in order to withstand external forces. Any defects in the roof can easily pass in to the interiors of the house and damage other features such as the walls and windows.

Moline Roofing market potential is huge and also the number of roofing contractors are also plenty. Home owners often get confused in selecting a roofing contractor. Reviews, ratings, past projects, references, portfolio, and work accomplished need to be checked first. Any roofing contractor can accomplish a project. However, care must be taken so that they can come back and fix any other problem that may arise due to the work done by them in the past. If you hire the same roofing contractor for your multiple home renovation projects, they will be familiar with the products and structure of the house. If you club your roofing project with any other improvements, you can avail special rates and discounts.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in Moline, IL. They are a family owned business and have headquarters in Moline, IL. Their other locations include Des Moines and Iowa City in Iowa, and Bloomington in Illinois. They are serving hundreds of customers in and around 200 miles of Quad Cities. Sean Vogler, a business and management expert, is the owner of Olde Town Group. If you are looking to hire a contractor in Moline, IL, Olde Town Group is your first choice.

Olde Town Roofing

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, has installed thousands of roofs in Moline.

Olde Town Group offers comprehensive range of services including roofing, siding, deck, windows, renovations, and so on. They are licensed and bonded in Illinois and Iowa making it easy for customers to readily hire them. They are familiar with local city building codes and have contacts to get things done in a quick and efficient manner.

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Olde Town Group is certified from IKO as a Shield Pro Plus contractor and SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed which offers an assurance for the local customers. The products they install are top in quality and have components that are compatible with each other. James Hardie siding, Trex decking, Tyvek house wrap, IB Roof Systems, Andersen windows, CertainTeed, and IKO roofing products are some of Olde Town Group's products. By installing the products in a manufacturer acceptable manner, Olde Town Group ensures that customers get value for their investment.

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Olde Town Group has installed hundreds of projects in Moline. They can guide you to the appropriate financial assistance with approved credit. Olde Town Group can help acquire required documentation to submit an insurance claim for your project. Olde Town Group has gained the trust of customers through years of top service and professional work efforts. Call Olde Town Group at 5637239940 or 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information on Moline Roofing.


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